PayTurns Overview helps you take care of your small money needs with a little help from your friends. With a PayTurns group you and a few trusted friends can pool your money and take turns to receive the lump sum. For example, if 12 of you form a group and each put in £100 every month, then at the end of each month, according to an agreed schedule, one of you will take the total of £1100 put in by the others that month (minus small admin and payment fees). This carries on until everyone has had a turn.

What Will You Do with Your Lump Sum? Some Ideas From Other Users


"Paid for a holiday" -- Louis from MK


"Paid my tuition" -- Maggie from London


"Paid off my bank loan" -- Sam from Kent


Three Steps to Get Your Lump Sum


Step 1: Create or Join a Group

Create a group and invite trusted friends, or join one you are invited to. The group creator specifies a start date, the amount each member must put in and whether this will be weekly or monthly. You will need a PayPal account to create or join a group.

Step 2: Agree Terms and Activate

Once all invitees have accepted the invitation, or after the deadline for joining, all members must accept the terms, agree to make payments according to the schedule and pre-authorise PayTurns to take payments from PayPal automatically.

Step 3: Receive and Enjoy Your Lump

That's it! You can now relax and await your turn to receive your lump sum. All you have to do is ensure there are funds in your PayPal-linked bank account or card to cover the payments you have committed to. PayTurns does the rest. Enjoy your cash!